Project Spotlight

Project Scope

To replace an existing culvert on Chippewa Creek with a new 420 metric tonne concrete box culvert in North Bay, ON


Diverting the high flow water of Chippewa creek with only 8 weeks allowed to complete the project.

Methodology to overcome challenges

  • Installing erosion control measures such as silt fence, turbidity curtains and silt bags
  • Divert the watercourse by installing a temporary dam to direct the flow into culverts capable of handling a 100 year storm for Chippewa Creek
  • Dewatering the work area
  • Removing all species from their habitat
  • Installing a proven compacted granular base to a pre determined grade
  • Sink the culvert into the creek bed to create a natural ecosystem
  • Careful planning of culvert delivery, positioning and handling with crane assistance
  • Complete vegetation, guard rail, concrete and asphalt restoration