Traditional values.

Maintaining our reputation for hard work, quality workmanship and service is more than a passion, it's a family tradition for over 50 years.

In 1968, Ed Seguin bought his first truck after working as a miner and operating a beef cattle farm with the dedicated help of his family. Soon afterward, Ed along with his wife Jeanne-d’Arc and their four sons started paving and landscaping without anything more then rakes, shovels and a wheel barrel. In 1982, Ed Seguin & Sons Trucking and Paving Ltd. became incorporated. In 1992, two of the sons, Pierre and Maurice, became partners in the company while Claude and Rick pursued other careers and then later joined forces to start a mining contracting company now known as SCR Mining and Tunnelling.

Having started working at a young age, all four brothers quickly acquired valuable experience and learned important lessons of business while building for themselves a solid reputation of being hard working and honest businessmen. They knew the secret to success was to be fair with their clients and to deliver only the highest quality of workmanship and service. The brothers always maintained a close relationship and in 2009, they joined forces again to be the proud owners of a newly formed family operated company, while Ed and Jeanne D’Arc started enjoying a well deserved retirement. With their combined strength, synergies, persistence and perseverance, the brothers re-invested into the company to make it what it has become today.

The commitment to excellence continues.

One of the largest and most diversified suppliers in the area, the company owns and operates multiple rock quarries, sand pits, a new fleet and state of the art equipment. Being a high volume supplier of construction aggregate allows us to complete projects at lower costs than our competitors. Not only do we produce the materials in bulk, but we also deliver and install to engineered specifications. Having such a strong history of quality workmanship in asphalt, we have become experts in excavation, water management, aggregates and fine grading. These attributes are the building blocks of construction which is why we are able to successfully adapt and expand our construction services to site work, road building, infrastructure, drainage, septic systems, and more.

With the support of SCR Mining and Tunnelling, Ed Seguin and Sons have broadened their services and successfully participated in various mining projects. These include developing and maintaining mine sites, bulk sampling, custom portable crushing solutions and more.

This Metis family-founded, owned and operated company continually demonstrates pride in their work and appreciation of their clients. With over 50 years of experience, and now with a third generation continuing the legacy, it is evident that Ed Seguin & Sons is built upon a solid foundation and is here to stay into the future.

Today, we’re on a clear path to success… continually adapting by embracing new technologies, training our people and continually evolving as an organization to provide effective solutions to your projects.