Project Spotlight

Project Scope

Find the sewer blockage or break and repair.


  • With our hydrovac truck we flushed the line and utilized camera technology to determine where and why the blockage occurred
  • The camera would not provide any clear results therefore we’ve diligently excavated to where the camera would “black-out”
  • It was a sensitive project as many various services were in the area such as Fiber Optic, Gas, Hydro and major storm sewer pipes
  • With the help of locator technology, the right equipment and experience we were able to identify and repair the sewer back-up without disturbing any of the existing infrastructure
  • We also provided full restoration to the site which included interlocking pavers, asphalt and topsoil
“They guys were great, knowledgeable and ready to please. This was unprecedented and no one else was able to help, so we very much appreciated it.”
— Monique Robitaille, General Manager, Sturgeon Falls Brush and Contracting.